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Food Intolerance Testing Clinic


Are the foods that you are eating making you feel unwell? Are you struggling to lose weight yet eating healthily?🍐🍇🍏🍅🍒

50% of the population suffer with food intolerances – the other 50% don’t realise they suffer from food intolerances….

Do you suffer from these common symptoms;

☘️ Difficulty losing weight

☘️ Anxiety & Depression

☘️ Bloating

☘️ IBS

☘️ Catarrh

☘️ Tiredness/fatigue

☘️ Skin problems – acne, eczema, hives etc

☘️ Heartburn, acid reflux

☘️ Stomach pain

☘️ Inflammation/swollen joints

☘️ Headaches/migraines

☘️ Diarrhoea/ constipation

☘️ Mood swings

These are symptoms of food intolerances and they present themselves within 10 mins – 48 hours of the food/substance being consumed, making it difficult to find the culprit.

The majority of our foods have a high histamine level which increases inflammation and many foods can’t be fully digested.  This in turn causes major stress, inflammation and imbalance in your system. Optimising your digestion and gut flora can increase metabolism, energy, help with weight control and support mental health.

A 45 mins – 1hr test using a non invasive method, complete with an individual action plan and advice thereafter 😀and immediate results! From age 3+

Price: £60 adults £40 children

Contact reception for clinic dates