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Personal Training in Northumberland

Whether you are training towards something sport specific or just want to improve your general health and wellbeing then personal training could be what you need to take you to that next step.

Be motivated by the challenge to change and we promise with the right guidance, advice and support from our qualified personal trainers, and hard work and commitment from yourself, that you will achieve some fantastic results! 

Session Prices:

Full Gold Members… 1 person £25.00 / Couple £30.00 / Get 12 sessions for the price of 10

Off Peak / Studio Members..1 person £27.50 / Couple £32.50 / Get 12 sessions for the price of 10

Non Members…1 person £30.00 / Couple £35.00 / Get 12 sessions for the price of 10 

What You Will Receive

A full needs analysis, body composition and fitness testing

Your trainer will encourage, motivate and teach you exercises and techniques to not only achieve results but to push you towards creating a better YOU.

You will have full support from your trainer in each and every session and will have a tailored programme designed around the goals set out.

Nutritional advice and a food diary can be created to make them simple changes in your eating habits to assist your workouts and busy lifestyle.


What People Say

5 star! Ryan has turned me from being a gym / workout dodger to fast hopping my way into being a gym bunny! In just four weeks I have lost 7lb, almost 5 inches and my body fat % is dropping! I feel fitter, healthier and buzzing after my sessions! As a competitive horse rider, I’ve found Ryan’s PT sessions are improving my technique and performance in this sport too. ‘I loved my work out today’ are words I never thought I’d say – but now do! Highly recommend.

Claire Thorburn, Client

I thought I was too old to start exercising and do personal training as I had the mind-set of big muscly guys and heavy weights. All I wanted to do was improve my general wellbeing and quality of life. From the first session I was made to feel very welcome and even though I was very nervous and being a complete novice I was introduced to the world of exercise and fitness. I think the one thing that stuck out straight away was Ryan asking me “what do you want to get out of this”. I felt that was very important and that he listened and showed a real interest in me as a person, in my lifestyle and what I wanted to achieve. After 6 months of training my quality of life has increased tenfold. I have gained confidence not just in exercise but in myself too. As well as reaching the goals Ryan set out I have also found my “old age” aches and pains have started to disappear. I have improved in my mobility, balance, posture and just generally feel great. Friends also commented that I was looking very toned and just how well I looked in general. I have been doing personal training at The Ocean Club now for 12 months and it has become a massive part of my lifestyle and way of life. I surprise myself by admitting I actually love going to the gym – thank you Ryan and The Ocean Club and may this journey continue and the results keep coming!

Client testimony, Sept 2016